Linked Accounts

Linked Accounts 2.4.5 Patch 1

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Linked Accounts 2.4.5 Patch 1

Work in XF 2.3

  • Fix error Undefined array key "xc_linked_account_displayParentAvatar".

Linked Accounts 2.4.5

  • Fix error Call to a member function hasSubAccount() on null
  • Fix error Call to a member function filter()
  • Add a permission for the maximum parent account linked for a sub accounts

Linked Accounts 2.4.4

  • Fix issue with the user avatars
  • Add permision for using "post as" feature

Linked Accounts 2.4.3

  • Add an option for replace the sub account avatar with the parent avatar
  • Display the parent account on a section "about" on member profile

Linked Accounts 2.4.2

  • Fix "post as" for a quick reply

Linked Accounts 2.4.1

  • Fix "post as" not showing in quick reply
  • Fix error Access level to SV\ExpiringUserUpgrades\XF\Service\User\Upgrade::finalSetup() must be public

Linked Accounts 2.4.0

  • Fix "post as" permissions
  • Add a tooltip on the linked-account tab in the navbar
  • Add option for auto upgrade the sub acounts

Linked Accounts 2.3.0

  • Fix error Attempted to convert array to integer [user_group_id]
  • Add two step support for login to user

Linked Accounts 2.2.0

  • Add usergroup permission Can link an existing account
  • Add an option for allowed or not the delete orphaned accounts

  • Change "test" permissions for allow to select more one usergroups and i apply in a secondary usergroup when account created.
  • Change the redirection when you click on "login" or "revert" on the current page.

Linked Accounts 2.1.1

  • Add linked accounts on members profile
  • Add usergroup permission for view linked accounts on members profile

Linked Accounts 2.1.0 Patch 1

  • Accounts were deleted when a sub account was unlinked even if the option was unchecked
  • When all subaccounts were removed during user editing (ACP) the accounts were still present.

Linked Accounts 2.1.0

  • It is now possible to link an account that is already linked to another user

Linked Accounts 2.0.6

  • Fix "post as" feature

Linked Accounts 2.0.5 Patch Level 6

  • Fix sql error XF\Db\Exception: MySQL statement prepare error [1052]: Column 'secondary_group_ids' in where clause is ambiguous src/XF/Db/AbstractStatement.php:228

Linked Accounts 2.0.5 Patch Level 5

  • Fix mysql query error ErrorException: xf_xc_linked_account_sub_account_log: [E_WARNING] Illegal offset type in src/XF/Db/Schema/Alter.php at line 149

Linked Accounts 2.0.5 Patch Level 4

Linked Accounts 2.0.5 Patch Level 1

  • [Bug Fix] The "revert" button is not available in the popup when browsing the smartphone.

Linked Accounts 2.0.5 Beta 2

  • Fix a error server InvalidArgumentException: Attempted to convert object to integer [sub_user_id] src/XF/Mvc/Entity/Entity.php:740
  • Fix a error server LogicException: _validate in XenConcept\LinkedAccount\Service\SubAccount\Linked must return an array src/XF/Service/ValidateAndSavableTrait.php:20
  • Fix a error server XF\Db\Exception: MySQL query error [1364]: Field 'xc_la_user_ids' doesn't have a default value src/XF/Db/AbstractStatement.php:228

Linked Accounts 2.0.5 Beta 1

Bug Fix:
  • When associating an existing account the user group of the linked accounts is not applied.
New Features:
  • Add "clear" button in the linked account logs
  • Add a style property to hide the "linked account" navigation button on mobiles
  • Add new options
    • Maximum linked account in popup
    • Maximum linked account
  • Add a new action "Sub Accounts" in the moderators tools on the member profile.
  • Add a tab system on the account menu "linked account"
  • Where the parent account agrees to the privacy policy, the privacy policy also applies to the sub-account.

Linked Accounts 2.0.4

Add new permission
  • Maximum linked accoun

Linked Accounts 2.0.3

  • [Bug Fix] The "Revert" button was no longer displayed.
New feature
  • The user with authorization can create linked accounts via his account. The linked account created will have the user group selected in the options (Admin ACP).

Linked Accounts 2.0.2 Patch Level 1

  • [Bug Fix] The "Unlink account" button is not displayed.

Linked Accounts 2.0.2

Linked Accounts 2.0.1 Patch Level 2

  • [Bug Fix] Correction of the following error LogicException: Macro public:xc_linked_account_member_list_macros :: item() error: Macro argument buttonPhrase is required and no value was provided src/XF/Template/Templater.php:809
  • [Bug Fix] Watched threads are removed once you respond to the thread
  • The add-on is compatible with PHP 7.3

Linked Accounts 2.0.1 Patch Level 1

  • Fix server error when responding to a thread
New feature
  • When the user "a" login to "b" to return the user "a" you had to log out and then reconnected now you no longer need to do it.

Linked Accounts 2.0.1

  • [Bug Fix] The linked accounts menu is not displayed on certain themes in the nav bar
New Features
  • You can select an linked account that will watch the thread
  • You can reply with an linked account