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  1. XenConcept

    User Activity

    This add-on allows you to see who read the threads, number of visitor members in the forums, and visitors / members who navigate in the threads. This add-on uses very little performance. We have included three positions : Above pageNav Below quick reply Above quick Reply We included 4...
  2. XenConcept

    Next Previous Resource

    This add-on allows you to move to the next or previous resource in one click. Replace "Next Previous" with the title of the resources thanks to a simple option. Positions available Top and Bottom Top Bottom Options : See the product
  3. XenConcept

    Restrict Guest Views

    Limit the number of views to visitors. Force their registration. Options: Enable view restriction Maximum guest views Excluded forums Error message See the product
  4. XenConcept

    Login As User

    Feature Summary Send Conversation Login as different user Usergroup permission This addon allow Connect to another user. Options : Send conversation Conversation title Conversation content Conversation options Permission : Login as different user See the product
  5. XenConcept

    Favicon For Links

    Feature Summary : Excluded sites Account Preferences This addon allows you to put favicon next to links. Options : Excluded sites Don't show favicon for: Message - Internal (local) Links Message - External Links Signature - Internal (local) Links Signature - External Links Account...
  6. XenConcept

    Prefix Forum Listing

    Shows a list of prefixes in each forum. The addon does not use an SQL query. Feature Summary : Node Selector Block position Top Bottom Sort prefix order Title display_order Direction ASC DESC Show Counters In tooltip right each prefix See the product
  7. XenConcept

    Thread Icon

    This add-on allows you to add icons personalized in front of the titles to threads or replace avatar. Feature Summary : Usergroup permissions Edit Own Thread Icon Edit Any Thread Icon Three Thread icon position Replace avatar Before title After title Edit - Delete icon Size icon...
  8. XenConcept

    Restrict To Download Resources

    Feature Summary Minimun Messages Minimun Likes This add-on allows you to set a restrict to download resources! he restriction can be selected by category.
  9. XenConcept

    Username Change

    This add-on allows the user to change their username. You can set a day number between each change. The user can make his change private so as not to show it to the other users. You can delete the change history. See the product
  10. XenConcept

    Maintenance Page

    This addon allows you to create a maintenance page when it is enabled. You can select the user groups that will not see the page. You can easily edit the page title (brower), description title, and description content. We have added a countdown that appears on the maintenance page We've...
  11. XenConcept

    Hide links / Medias / Images (BbCode) to guests

    This add-on allows you to hide your link to visitors. You can enter websites. This will allow you to display its website to visitors. Enable Disable Restrict. List of sites that will be displayed to visitors. See the product
  12. XenConcept

    Youtube Video Profile

    This addon Allows member to add a youtube video on their profile. This is a great way for your members to customize their profile. You can see the demo here Change the location block with the widget : See the product