Premium Page

Premium Page 2.0.2

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This add-on allows you to create a Premium Page!

This page is a showcase of advantages you offer to your members after have buy a Premium Access.

A Usergroup permission allows you to set who can see the page.

You can create as many boxes and columns as you want. Everything is stored in the database .

Everything is customizable! - The accent on this add-on was concerned the customization.


  • Columns
    • Title
    • Price
    • Currency
    • Header description
    • Column Services
      • Column Services must be created
      • You can choose between Font Awesome icons or text
    • Footer description
    • User upgrades
    • Title purchase button
    • External link purchase button
  • Column Services
    • Title
    • Tooltip
    • Display order
  • Sidebar Blocks (you can show 3 blocks)
    • Enable Sidebar
    • Enable Visitor Panel
    • Enable Sidebar Block #1, #2, #3
    • Title
    • Block Content (HTML enable)

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Latest updates

  1. New Release 2.0.2

    We have change the following style property Box by Box - Fa Icon Added a new style property Box...
  2. New Release 2.0.1

    Fixed bug related to icons fa Replacement of "Unknown page" by "Viewing premium page" in the online